Journeys in Genealogy

Welcome to the journey!

This website is an homage to my ancestors and to those people who find the stories of people and their lives and times interesting, powerful and inspiring.

The purpose of the pages herein is to detail, commemorate and shine a light on the many people who have come before us – with an eye to the understanding that in knowing one’s past, one can understand more fully the present and perhaps help form the future. The profiles are done through sourced stories which will include photographs and other illustrations. The  end result will be an account of ancestry, beginning with the present and tracing each family branch of the tree back to when they first came to what we now call North America. The descriptions may also delve into other genealogical findings, and there will be some tips to be shared as well. For more information on the background for these pages, please refer to the About section.

I welcome you as a fellow traveller in the journey to discover the past by looking at who’s life has impacted ours. I absolutely welcome comments, questions and especially additions or corrections to the information being shared, and I look forward to our journey together.

Bill Curry – January 2016