Bill Curry is an award winning writer and professional photographer who lives in Port Maitland, Nova Scotia, Canada overlooking the Bay of Fundy, and spends the winter months in Sebastian, Florida, USA, on the shores of the Indian River. Those seeking to celebrate the outdoors find that Bill’s work stirs their imagination, reminding them of time spent in our shared environment.

Bill Curry
3455 Highway 1, Port Maitland
Nova Scotia, Canada B5A 5T6


Bill Curry
5700 Marina Drive, Apt. 4, Sebastian
Florida, USA 32958


New Book!

Award for Tight Lines

Tight Lines wins the 2024 National Communications Award
The Professional Outdoor Media Association of Canada awarded first place in the book category to Bill's book Tight Lines. This is the second time Bill has won the Canadian National Communications Award - in 2017 for his photography and in 2024 for his book which combines his writing and his photography.

New Book - Tight Lines

Tight Lines is a combination nature piece and environmental essay that will speak strongly to most Atlantic Canadians, and many people beyond.
A journal style manuscript which details the past and present state of one of Nova Scotia’s most beloved animals, the Brook Trout, the writing describes my life as a fly fisherman, and the changes I have seen in the last 60 years.
Set mainly in Nova Scotia but with reference to many other places both nationally and internationally, Tight Lines tells the story of one man's love of fly fishing and the trout he loves to fish for.
I am uniquely qualified to undertake such a piece, as I am Nova Scotia’s first Professional Master Guide, having also taught at Guide’s Courses for decades, and for many years I was the owner and operator of the Province’s premier fly fishing guide service – Tight Lines Guide Service.
As well, the book describes the efforts of a keen environmentalist, as I have served on Provincial and National boards of organizations and political advisory groups that deal with cold water eco-systems, and work locally to enhance brook trout habitat.
The book will appeal to anyone who loves the outdoors, particularly Nova Scotia’s outdoors, and those who spend any time pursuing wilderness or near wilderness activities, especially fly fishing. The book will also cause people who are “of a certain age” to reflect back, as the work references an era gone by to compare what is now the state of the environment to the past.
Tight Lines ends with a call to action, and describes what we can all do to help preserve the Brook Trout and its environs.
Tight Lines is published by Moose House Publishing, and can be ordered directly here on the website, or by contacting Bill or directly from Moose House. Tight Lines is available in bookstores!

Tight Lines - Tales of a Flyfishing Life

Tight Lines - Tales of a Flyfishing Life


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For more information - contact:

Bill Curry
3455 Highway 1, Port Maitland
Nova Scotia, Canada B5A 5T6



I have been a published writer since 1972, when I wrote and photographed for, and was editor of, the Athenaeum, the newspaper for Acadia University and a local magazine The Acadian Journal. My work has since been published in a variety of publications and media – from photographs used in the New York Times and the Boston Herald, to articles appearing in magazines such as Saltscapes, Canadian Fly Fisher and Coastal Life.
I have been writing for a number of outdoor and local interest magazines recently, and continue, along with my photography, to do my Conservation personal essays – work which last year led to an interpreted solo photography show, using text and images, which showed the Dark Skies of Nova Scotia and related to people the importance of saving such a marvellous natural phenomenon.
My first book, "Tight Lines", was released in 2023, published by Moose House Publishing. Tight Lines won the 2024 National Communications Award given by the Professional Outdoor Media Association of Canada, the second time Bill's work has won that award - once for photography and once for writing. More information is on this website under the New Book tab.
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Writing Samples - Below are several samples of my writing and photography.

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Environmental Stewards

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Lobster - Feature Article, Coastal Life
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A Day of Remebrance - Feature Article, Coastal Life


Bill Curry's Blog is online at and is where people can see Bill's latest work and learn a bit about Bill's photographic process and the thinking behind the images. Bill's blog is updated regularly, so be sure to check it out frequently!



Bill Curry – Writer and Photographer
My work has appeared in many publications, and on the web and in other media such as on TV and Radio. Selected sample publication material is in the Work section of the website, and a list of the corporations I have worked for and the publications I have produced appears below.
My work is mainly personal essay style, and is used both on its own and to support my photographic projects, most of which are in the Conservation Photography genre – that is, I take photos and write stories that inform people about the outdoors and nature, or which show things in our shared environment to people in a way they may not have seen before.
The awareness of nature and the value of protecting our planet are my foremost ideals.

Member of:
Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia
Professional Outdoor Media Association of Canada
Photographic Society of America
Master Photographers International

Awards and Academics
2024 Professional Outdoor Media Association of Canada National Communications Award
2017 Outdoor Writers of Canada National Communications Award
Atlantic Canadian Entrepreneur Awards - twice the Atlantic Canadian Entrepreneurial Educator of the Year Award
B.A. – Acadia University
B.Ed. – Acadia University
M.A. – Acadia University in Curriculum and Technology
M.Ed. – Acadia University in Administration
Graduate Diploma in Education Technology – Cape Breton University

Professional Photography – New York Institute of Photography

Photography History and Methods – Museum of Modern Art, New York City, New York

Photographic and Publishing credits:

Newspapers, websites and TV stations and around the globe carried Bill's photos and writing on Hurricane Lee in September of 2023. The CBC chose one of Bill's images as the Image of the Week.

NASA – Earth Science Picture of the Day – 15 February 2012, 15 October 2012, 15 February 2013, 8 March 2015
Nikon Canada
Acadian Skies
Environment Canada
La Region Bon Temps
Astronomy Nova Scotia
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
St. Mary’s University
American Bird Association – Rare Bird
American Bird Association – Blog
Nova Scotia Bird Society
The Coast
Photo Life
The Friends of the Yarmouth Light Society
Dalhousie University Medical Alumni website
Chronicle Herald Online
Yarmouth Vanguard Online
CBC National Website
Radio CJLS Online
News 95.7 Halifax
The Weather Network National Website
Trout Unlimited Canada National Website – Skywatching
South Coast Today
Outdoor Nova Scotia
Visual Arts News
Hole in the Clouds
The Celestial Convergence
Yarmouth and Acadian Shores Tourism Association

The Acadian Journal; The Advertiser; The Athenaeum ; AVISO; Boston Herald; Canadian Family Physician; Canadian Fly Fisher; Chronicle Herald (Halifax); The Coast; Coastal Life; Courrier de Portneuf; Currents ; Dalhousie University; Digby Courier; Field and Stream; Fly Fusion; The Griffin (Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia); Good Taste; The Nova Scotia Historical Society Journal; The Nova Scotian; Nova Scotia Doers and Dreamers Guide; New York Times; Outdoor Canada; Saltscapes; Shelburne Coast Guard; Studio Rally Guide; Starboard (onboard magazine Nova Star Cruises); Wind Power Solar Power; Yarmouth Vanguard; Visual Arts News; VoxMeDal; Yarmouth and Acadian Shores Tourism Guide; and tourism promotional material and Departmental information pieces for the Province of Nova Scotia

Corporate and other Clients:
Postdata (Paul Murphy - Wintersleep), Cabela's, The Canadian Mental Health Association, Pilgrim Stephen Hopkins Society, Avalon Rare Metals, Song of the Paddle, St. Francis Xavier University, Extreme Group, Yarmouth and Acadian Shores Tourism Association, Community Collaborative Rain Hail Snow (CoCoRHS) Project, Universities Space Research Association, Acadian Skies, Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History, Nova Star Cruises, Nikon Canada, Starlight Foundation, Neptune Theatre , Société Touristique Bon Temps d’Argyle, Environment Canada, Trout Point Lodge, La Region Bon Temps, Dalhousie University, Dalhousie University Medical Alumni , Art Gallery of Nova Scotia , Nova Scotia Bird Society, Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia, Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia, College of Family Physicians of Canada ,Government of Nova Scotia, Tri-County Regional School Board, Nova Scotia International Student Program, Nova Scotia Department of Education, Southwest Health, Trout Unlimited Canada , Studio Rally Guide Nova Scotia, Tri-County Women’s Centre, Old Stones Society, Nova Scotia Colony of the Society of Mayflower Descendants, Halifax Camerata Singers Society, Yarmouth Hospital Foundation, Nova Scotia Tourism Agency, the Municipality of the District of Argyle, The Municipality of Clare, the Municipality of the District of Yarmouth, and Acadia First Nation

The New Fly Fisher; “Live at 5″ ATV News – ATV TV, Halifax, NS; ATV TV Halifax, NS; CTV TV Halifax, NS; CBC TV Halifax, NS; The Weather Network

News 95.7 Halifax; CBC Vancouver, CFCY Charlottetown, PEI; CJLS Yarmouth, NS; CKBW Bridgewater, NS; CKEN Kentville, NS; CKIC Wolfville (Acadia University),NS; CBC Halifax Radio One – Information Morning


Bill Curry – Biography
I was born in a small quintessentially New England town, Groton, Massachusetts – where my mother’s family has lived since the mid-1600’s, having come to America on the Mayflower. Interestingly, my father’s family has been in Nova Scotia almost that long – having arrived as the first group of Scottish settlers in Nova Scotia, prior to 1632, and also with ties to the Mayflower. This duality of background has always been and will continue to be a source of inspiration for me, as it connects me to all of North America and beyond. My writing started in Groton, though, as I attended Lawrence Academy and was on the campus newspaper staff.
When I was 15, my family moved to Nova Scotia, and I attended Acadia University in Wolfville, NS. I was a writer and photographer for the campus newspaper, the Athenaeum, and eventually became the editor of the paper, and the VP for Communications for the Acadia Student Union. While at University, I also got a summer job writing and taking photos for a local magazine format publication, the Acadian Journal.
Since then, I have had a long career in education, having recieved my MA, MEd and a post graduate degree in using media in the classroom, and retired as the Director of a Regional School Board. During my educational career I did a lot of writing on educational issues, including writing papers for the Canadian Federal Government and for the Nova Scotia Teacher’s Union. I retired in 2010, and since that time have continued my writing and my photography, having my work published in numerous publications from newspapers to magazines and most recently on websites.
I am also an avid outdoorsman. I come from a family steeped in the tradition of Fishing Guides, and for almost two decades I ran the Province’s premier fly fishing guide service, Tight Lines Guide Service. I became the first Master Professional Guide in the Province and then was hired by the Department of Natural Resources to do Guide training for people who wished to become Professional Guides. I am now retired from public guiding, but I still teach the Guide’s course and am a Guide Examiner.
Given this background, it comes as no surprise that my writing and photography are clearly in the Conservation realm. That is, I write about and take photos of the outdoors, with an eye to informing people about our environment or perhaps showing people something in a way they may not have seen or thought about before. I try to bring the outdoor experience to people, and help people remember time spent in our shared environment.
I welcome comments and inquiries about my work, and hope you will come back often to see what I’ve been up to recently.

Bill Curry

Contact Bill Curry

Bill Curry

3455 Highway 1, Port Maitland
Nova Scotia, Canada


Bill Curry
5700 Marina Drive, Apt. 4
Florida, USA


I am also an internationally shown award winning photographer, with work having been in both solo and group shows in Canada, the US and in Europe. My work is on display in public and private galleries in North America and is held in private collections around the globe.
My photography website is at:



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