Hopkins, Stephen

Stephen Hopkins (about 1582 – between 6 June 1644 and 17 July 1644), he was a tanner and merchant who was one of the passengers on the Mayflower in 1620, settling in Plymouth Colony. Hopkins was recruited by the Merchant Adventurers to provide governance for the colony as well as assist with the colony’s ventures. He was a member of a group of passengers known to the Pilgrims as “The Strangers” since they were not part of the Pilgrims’ religious congregation. Hopkins was one of forty-one signatories of the Mayflower Compact and was an assistant to the governor of the colony through 1636.

Documented lines are lines members have used to prove Mayflower descent in the past. If the lineage documentation is older, you may need to do some additional research to prove your lineage, and in any case your documents will need to be provided from your common ancestors down. Likely lines are those which our members have but which have not been fully documented. They are in many cases very likely to be approved if one provided the required documentation, but as always, you should undertake your own research. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Documented Lines to Stephen Hopkins

1. Stephen Hopkins m Elizabeth Fisher
2. Constance Hopkins m Nicholas Snow
3. Joseph Snow m Mary _______ (possibly Higgins)
4. Benjamin Snow m Thankful Bowerman
5. Benjamin Snow m Martha Eldridge
6. Nathan Snow m Mary Polle
7. Stephen Snow m Elizabeth Smith
8. William Snow m Abigail Ryder
9. Cornelius Snow m Margaret Reynolds
10. Howard Douglas Snow m Frances Jane “Jennie” Worthen
11. Albert Douglas Snow m Charlotte “Lottie Belle” Lamrock
12. George Albert Snow m Marjorie Louise Harris

Another documented line:

Stephen Hopkins m (1) Mary _____

Giles Hopkins m Catherine Whelden

Mary Hopkins m Samuel Smith

John Smith m Bethiah Snow

Stephen Smith m.  (2)Bathsheba Brown

Archelaus Smith m Elizabeth Nickerson

Hezekiah Smith m Abigail Doane

Stephen Smith m Elizabeth Spinney

Elias Smith m Harriet Lewis

Elias L. Smith m Mary Eliza Tedford

John Lewis Smith m Thressa Sollows

Raymond Charles Smith m Florence Esther Mullen

Hazel Evelyn Smith m Herbert Douglas Trask

2 thoughts on “Hopkins, Stephen

  1. I may be a descendent of Stephen Hopkins, through his daughter, Constance. I know the line is proven to Gen 6. Have 2 possible links at that stage, Susannah Snow and/or Howes Stuart Snow, children of Nathan Snow and Mary Polle. GSMD has an old line which goes through Howes (GS2488). Need help finding either Howes or Susannah (Susan?) Howes Stuart Snow m Sophia (Zeviah) Atwood Smith, dtr Matilda Snow married James Crowell, son Benjamin Crowell married Eliz. Newell, son Enos Crowell m Letitia Townsend Huskins, dtr Bessie Crowell was my grandmother. OR Susannah/Susan Snow m. John Spinney, dtr Mary Spinney m. Theophilus Crowell, son James Crowell m. Matilda Snow (dtr of Howes Stuart Snow!), son Benjamin Crowell m. Eliz. Newell, etc, as above. Any help or direction you can give is appreciated. Shelburne County Genealogical Society did some research for me and they say I am a Mayflower descendent but I need to prove it. Thanks.

  2. This line thru Arcelaus Smith has been accepted by The Mayflower Society:
    1)Stephen Hopkins m. Constance Dudley
    2) Giles Hopkins m. Catherine Wheldon
    3) Mary Hopkins m. Samuel Smith
    4) John Smith m. Bethiah Snow
    5) Stephen Smith m. Batsheba Brown
    6) Arcelaus Smith m. Elizabeth Nickerson
    7) Eunice Smith m. Henry Newell (3rd)
    8) Henry Newell (4th) m. Eunice Nickerson
    9) Amasa Newell m. Elizabeth Newell
    10) Asa Newell m. Jane Loner
    11) Emma Jane Newell m. Edward Howland Ward

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